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About Light by Design

Light by Design has been set up specifically to provide services to those looking to reduce their Carbon Footprint by intelligent use of lighting.

We recognised at an early stage that LED lighting would be a significant and long term investment for most businesses and getting it right first time would be imperative. With long life expectancy, minimal maintenance and low running costs LED lighting is likely to become one of the most robust and long lasting of a buildings services.

Experience and Knowledge

With a total of around 60 years experience in the electrical and electronic industries we recognise the importance of product and market knowledge. However without practical experience it is easy to come up with a theoretical design that just can't be installed or maintained.

We pride ourselves on delivering value for money solutions that are simple to install, easy to operate and maintainable.

Working with you

We look at each job on its merits and propose solutions according to the Clients needs - where appropriate we will even propose doing nothing. Our first stage is always to find out what you want from the project and work from there. We understand tight budgets but we are also realistic about what they can achieve.

If you want to find out what we can do for you give us a call on 01449 678639.