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We offer a complete range of lighting services to help our Clients achieve their energy saving ambitions.

Lighting Survey

This is a simple, identify, count and calculate exercise to estimate your current lighting energy usage and the potential for savings. We need a little bit of information about how and when you use the lights and what you are paying for energy. We can then give you an indication of your options and what we might do for you.

Lighting Design

This can follow on from a survey or be done direct from plans. We need to know what will take place in the various areas and an indication of the standard of finish/budget. We have access to some of the latest most efficient LED lights on the market and designs are done using these where we believe they best suit the project. Other energy efficient products may be used particularly where the Client has a preferred product or desired effect. Where we do a design we will give an indication of the cost as part of the exercise.


We will supply light fittings according to our designs or your specific order.

If required we can supply all your installation needs from cable through fixings to control gear. If its to do with electrical installation work please ask us to quote.


Where we are Designing and supplying the materials we are happy to offer a installation services. These can be tailored to your needs and range from working alongside your in-house electricians to a fully resourced install


Most lighting requires maintenance but with LED this is minimal. However if things do go wrong they need to be addressed so as to maintain the integrity of the system. It is likely that with all their other duties when it comes to a problem your Maintenance Team will have to get out the books. Even then they may not be fully up to date with the products and waste time looking for obsolete or even the wrong parts. To make life easier we can offer a Maintenance Contract.